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Our Partnerships

Best Friends Animal Society NMHP(No More Homeless Pets)

At Best Friends, they’ve always firmly believed that collaboration with local pet shelters and animal rescue organizations, the people who know their community best, is key to ending the killing in America’s shelters. When we work together, we save more lives. Together, we will Save Them All.
Provides Help for animal shelters, rescue groups and others

The No More Homeless Pets® Network is comprised of 501(c)(3) public charity rescue groups, spay/neuter organizations and shelters actively saving lives and reducing shelter deaths locally. Being a part of the Network gives groups all across the country the chance to work together to Save Them All and provides help for animal shelters and rescue groups. Membership also comes with benefits like the chance to take part in national adoption promotions, as well as discounts and scholarships to educational conferences, and consultations with Best Friends staff. A few select organizations, which make a significant and measurable impact on shelter deaths in their communities, may also qualify for animal rescue grants. Examples of communities that really put Best Friends grants to work include San Antonio, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Florida Leaders in Lifesaving .

As we continue in our growth, YOUR Humane Society SPCA has recently joined Florida Leaders in Lifesaving, a collaboration between government agencies, private shelters, clinics, and community members across the state to save more lives. Visit to learn who across Florida unites, engages and inspires to positively impact the lives of animals.

Fear Free Shelters.

We always strive to keep with current best practices, so our staff and volunteers are enrolled in the Fear Free Shelter Program, whose goal is to improve the experiences of animals by educating shelter, rescue, and animal welfare employees and volunteers about their emotional needs. Learn more at


YOUR Humane Society SPCA has been invited to showcase some of our adoptable cats and kittens in 2 local Pet Stores. This provides us with another venue for the public to become acquainted with our organization as well as another place where they may find their forever best friend through adopting one of our felines. Both locations have been very successful.

Over 40 HS/SPCA dedicated and cat loving Volunteers take turns coming in to work one of the 3 daily shifts to care/feed/play our cats who reside in the Cat Condos at both locations.


PetSmart, Oxford/The Villages
We brought our first residents in on April 14th, 2018.
PetSmart is located at 3667 Wedgewood Lane (runs parallel to CR466).

Bissell Pet Foundation.

As a member of Bissell’s Partners for Pets, the HS/SPCA will be listed on’s Partners for Pets Participating Shelters page. And will be eligible to:

  • Grant Funding- apply for BISSELL Pet Foundation grants to support spay/neuter, microchipping, foster care and adoption programs.
  • Giveaways- participate in sweepstakes and contests on the BISSELL Pet Foundation social media pages.
  • Empty the Shelters – participate in an Empty the Shelters event.


GuideStar AccreditationPlatinum Level

Our organization earned a 2018 Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar! We are highlighting the difference we help to make in our community. In order to get the 2018 Gold Seal, our HS/SPCA shared important information with the public using our profile on Now our community members and potential donors can find in-depth information about our goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress. We currently sit at a Platinum Seal of Transparency on GuideStar!

YOUR Humane Society SPCA profile can be found at
GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. In 2016, its database provided information on 2.5 million organizations.


Shelter Animals Count 

Shelter Animals Count is a new, collaborative initiative formed by a diverse group of stakeholders to create and share a national database of sheltered animal statistics, providing facts, and enabling insights that will save lives.

Data is collected and analyzed from over 5,600 shelters nationwide. Shelter Animals Count exists to create an effective infrastructure for complete and accurate shelter reporting to truly understand the risk factors, use this data to implement effective strategies and positively impact all lifesaving efforts. Learn more on their website at

Sumter County Chamber of Commerce 

The Sumter County Chamber of Commerce has been the only chamber of commerce serving Sumter County businesses for over 91 years. Much like Sumter County itself, we have seen many changes and grown substantially over the years from volunteer driven to a director and full time staff led organization. Through all of our transitions, one thing has remained the same; our commitment to Sumter County businesses. We are committed to the success of every business, to celebrating our diversity, and to doing our part to foster a healthy economic climate. Learn more on their website at

Lady Lake Area Chamber of Commerce 

As the voice of Business for North Lake and the Villages the chamber provides leadership and information to foster discussion on improving the climate for business growth, sustainability , economic development.

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