Our Campus

Our Campus

In 2001, we acquired the 5-acre parcel where our campus is located.  It started out as vacant land, and a 20x30 shed was added for storage.  Over the years we have grown and added many buildings to meet the needs of the community.  Our campus currently consists of the following:

  • Offices/Administration
  • NEW office building COMING 2024
  • Catty Shack: adult cat observation featuring indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Kitten Wonderland: for all cats under 1 year old
  • Kitty Q: our cat observation and quarantine kennels for post-surgical and medical observation until they can join the other cats and kittens.
  • Ralph's Place: our dog observation area featuring 12 outdoor runs and indoor kennels along with medical quarantine. All dogs go through Ralph's until they are ready for adoption when they are moved to House of Paws.
  • House of Paws: 22 outdoor runs and indoor kennel space for our adoptable dogs. Our commercial laundry is also located in that building.
  • Play Yard 1: Currently, this yard is used for Playgroups.
  • Play Yard 2: Our Pavillion yard provides shade and a larger space for the dogs to exercise.
  • Play Yard 3: Our retention pond doubles as a play yard and is used often for dogs that need to run.  This yard is equipped with a long line to keep our fence jumping dogs contained.
  • Play Yard 4: The agility yard is a favorite featuring swimming pools and agility equipment. Our dogs enjoy playing with the volunteers and learning to go over the A-frame, climb the stairs or go thru the tires.

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