Hello, I'm Carlisle, the most playful pooch you'll ever meet! I've got a knack for turning even the most mundane tasks into fun and games. The reason I'm here? Well, let's just say I mistook a policeman's shoe for a chew toy during a local parade. Quite the spectacle, I must say! I had a blast, but apparently, the 'authorities' didn't share my sense of humor. Oops! But hey, don't let that deter you. I promise to bring laughter, joy, and a whole lot of fun into your life. Adopt me and let's create our own hilarious adventures together!

  • Retriever - Labrador & Mix
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years) (09/22/2019) - Estimated
  • 51 - 60 Pounds
  • Black and White
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