• This is a Voucher program.  ALL Dogs/Cats MUST be PRE-Registered. Pre-Register @ the HS/SPCA office M-F from 10 – 2pm (994 CR 529A, Lake Pan.-one road East of the Sumter County Landfill Entrance) or by phone (352) 793-9117.  Do NOT feed your animal after 10pm the night before surgery.
  • ALL cats MUST each be in an individual carrier. ALL dogs MUST be on a leash.
  • ALL animals MUST be healthy. Cats must weigh at least 2 lbs. and dogs must weigh at least 4 lbs. or be a min. of 4 months old. Any animals 7 years or older will not be accepted.
  • No hernias or undescended testicles will be accepted. Male dogs must have both testicles visible.
  • Animals in heat/pregnant will ONLY be done at the discretion of the on-site vets.
  • ALL dogs & cats will receive a rabies vaccination. County tags can be purchased for $5.00. Additional medical services will also be available for a fee.
  • ALL animals must be brought in by their legal owner (min. of 18 y.o.).
  • Only Sumter County residents and their own pets are accepted for this service.
  • NO rescue groups, breeders, foster homes or feral cats will be accepted.
  • Animals MUST be picked up the same day between 3:30 & 4:00pm.

Donations of money, pet food, bedding & supplies gladly accepted for this program.

Neutering keeps your pet healthy by preventing diseases?
Neutering helps eliminate the urge to wander & keeps it close to home?
Neutering will assure that no more unwanted animals are born?
Neutering your pet will help prevent it from spraying & marking territory?
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