Some of the most important work being done at our shelter goes on in our office.

Jane and her administrative assistant!

From answering phones and organizing volunteer schedules to computer data entry and tracking animal adoptions, what goes on behind the scenes is an integral part of our HS/SPCA success. And our September Volunteer of the Month, Jane, is a big part of that effort as our Volunteer Coordinator.

Hailing from Rhode Island, Jane has always had dogs in her life. Often more than one at a time. When she retired from banking in 2009, she put her free time to good use, volunteering at a local pet grooming and boarding business.

“I just love being with all the dogs,” Jane remarks, “from Great Danes, to Pits, to Bloodhounds and everything else in between.” Her current love is a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel she adopted from a rescue in New York. And her decision to get involved with volunteering at our HS/SPCA was an easy one. “Even though I work in the office, I do get to see all the dogs and cats that are available for adoption. It makes me happy with I see someone coming in our office on their happy adoption day and leaving with their new fur-ever family member. I also enjoy being part of a happy and positive mood when they are there at the facility. And I get to work with a wonderful caring staff.”

Jane also recognizes the extraordinary power that comes from the bond between the shelter and the residents of The Villages when it comes to animal welfare. In fact, she witnessed first-hand the stellar results of these two entities joining forces through social media. The owner of a senior dog had passed away, and the daughter brought him to the shelter in the hopes someone might adopt him. “Everyone pulled together on Talk of the Villages and Facebook to get this 9 year old Corgi mix a new home. And gradually it worked, but the end result was this dog had a new family and new life.”

Needless to say, as far as Jane is concerned, the payback for volunteering is ten-fold. Being a cog in the wheel of our shelter’s rescue efforts enables caring folks like Jane to directly participate in the welfare of Sumter County’s animals in need. “Volunteering at the Humane Society/SPCA just warms my heart when you see all those beautiful faces and tails wag just waiting for their new homes. This in itself should inspire people to volunteer and network to see that these dogs and cats get adopted.

” Sometimes the results are instantaneous, with a neglected or abandoned feline or canine finding a new home right away. Other times, it can take a few months, maybe even a year. But thanks to the persistence of volunteers, staff and a county of residents who insist on keeping the circle of life spinning, the magic always does happen for these wagging tails and purring fluff balls.

So, in appreciation of her love of animals and determination to contribute to their well-being, we salute Jane as our Volunteer of the Month for September. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Jane, our Volunteer Coordinator at