When you visit HSSPCA:

No Place Like Home!
No Place Like Home!
  • HSSPCA takes in strays from Sumter County, Florida. If you lost your pet outside this area  check with mobi-Pet or shelters near you.
  • If you think your pet may be at HSSPCA, submit a lost animal report and visit during our open hours. (Please note that PAWS makes all lost animal reports available for public viewing. PAWS is not liable for information in the reports.)

When you arrive:

  • HSSPCA staff will instruct you how to look for your cat or dog in the shelter.
  • If you haven’t already, you will need to complete a lost animal report. Remember to bring a recent picture of your cat or dog to attach to the report.
  • Staff will also direct you to our lost and found station to look through the found animal reports. These are completed by citizens who are holding onto stray animals in the hopes of reuniting them with their guardians without leaving them at the shelter.
  • As difficult as it may be, ask about records of animals who were found injured or dead.
  • Lost and found reports are kept on file for approximately four weeks and are not returned to the reporter. HSSPCA is not responsible for returning photographs or other items attached to the report.

If your lost cat or dog is at HSSPCA:

  • Good news that your pet has been found!
  • Before your pet can be released, you must prove ownership and pay any related fines.
  • Proof of ownership is established with pictures, veterinary records, pet tags, licenses or a microchip registered in your name.
  • Fines are determined by the city or county where your pet was found. HSSPCA staff will tell you the amount and where to pay them.
  • Depending on where your pet was found, fines are payable either to HSSPCA by cash or credit card or at the community police station.
  • Once you’re reunited, learn how to prevent your pet from getting lost again.

If your pet is not at HSSPCA:

  • If your pet is not at HSSPCA, please keep coming back. Your pet may arrive the next day or the next week, and since many animals look alike we cannot guarantee we will be able to match a completed lost report with your pet. Your chances of finding your pet increase if you return to the shelter on a regular basis.
  • Don’t forget to visit other shelters in the area—you never know how far your pet may have wandered.
  • Be sure to check out these other resources for finding your lost friend.