One of our newest additions to our HS/SPCA volunteer team is a talented very motivated lady named Judi G.  Being Judi is a published author we know best to allow her talent to shine in her bio as our Volunteer of the Month for May. Thank you Judi for all you are doing in Fundraising, PR and Adoptions too!

Dedicated volunteer, Judy G.

“When I was growing up in a small northeastern Ohio town we always had at least one dog, often two plus a cat that we considered part of our family.  Currently my household includes a ten-year-old, rescued Basset Hound named Hoover and for those of you that have read one of my novels you know there is always a Basset to be found tagging after the protagonist!

I started volunteering at the County animal shelter in my teens but only worked on Saturdays since I was busy with school during the week.  I cleaned cages and bathed dogs and one Saturday I fell in love with a two-year-old golden retriever that had been brought in that day. I took my time bathing him and fussing over him certain he would soon be adopted.  But when I returned the following Saturday I learned that the beautiful, healthy dog had been put down. I left in tears and never returned and believe a major factor in my lifelong commitment to animal advocacy stemmed from that painful County shelter experience.

Over the years I’ve been involved with a number of rescue groups but the HS/SPCA of Sumter is among the few that partner with a County shelter to rescue animals that would otherwise be euthanized. And this rare dedication to the preservation of animals is prevalent in both staff and volunteers.

Abandoned animals have a keen sense of the reality surrounding them when they arrive at a place like the HS/SPCA and to a great extent are able to grasp those gentle hands reaching out there to comfort and protect them.  It’s a great gift to witness this phenomenon and I would recommend people get involved who want to experience it firsthand.  I’ve also enjoyed working with the volunteers and staff at the HS/SPCA as they are insightful, enthusiastic and compassionate.”