Being around animals comes naturally to Susan V.; it’s always been a part of her life.
Susan & family

Her dad was a veterinarian and Sue spent her youth in Niles, Ohio going on farm calls with him and helping with such tasks as cleaning up newborn puppies after their births. The family always had pets when Sue was growing up, especially dogs and cats. She currently has two rescue cats. One is a Ragdoll look-alike that Sue has raised since it was just two hours old. The second is a black short-haired cat that is so timid he had difficulty getting adopted but he had no difficulty melting the heart of this caring lady. He became the first cats’ best friend.

Sue does the majority of her volunteering for our HS/SPCA at the Petco in Rolling Acres Plaza in Lady Lake. She began volunteering there in April 2007 when it was run by Pet Lover’s Rescue. Since that time Sue and her husband have fostered 266 cats and kittens. That’s an amazing number of felines!

When Pet Lover’s Rescue closed, our HS/SPCA of Sumter County was invited to take over the cat showcase space at Petco since late April in 2016. We were fortunate that Sue elected to continue volunteering now with us. Her experience and dedication has been a great contributing factor in the success that our HS/SPCA has had in adopting cats out of the Petco venue.

When asked about her dedication to pets, Sue said “The pets will give you back more in love and affection than the energy required to save their lives. Knowing that they will find love in a forever home is gratifying. Every adoption and every life saved is a satisfying experience. The efficiency and compassion shown by staff and volunteers is amazing.”

We think Sue and her dedication to saving animals is amazing. Thanks for all you do, and congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Month this May!