Karen T., our June Volunteer of the Month, has loved animals since she was very small.

Kudos to Karen!

“I used to drive my mother crazy as I was always bringing something home to love!  When we moved to Sumter County on 5 acres she told me she always knew I would have a ranch.”  Well, her mother was right!  Among Karen’s delightful four-legged brood are four horses as well as nine dogs.  “I will always have pets in my life,” Karen remarks.  “I love them all.”

Somehow, despite the 24/7 attention and care her own furry family demands, Karen always makes time to help our HS/SPCA by volunteering. Whether she’s assisting with adoption drives and local meet & greets; exercising our dogs in the yard; or helping us collect and sort supplies, Karen does whatever she can to help us fulfill our mission.

Her inspiration is simple; as a local resident, Karen knows the importance of making Sumter County a better, safer place for the animals within its confines.  The HS/SPCA is making an incredible difference for the animals here!”

In fact, one of Karen’s most heartwarming memories is when she had the honor of being part of the team responsible for reuniting Luther the Labrador with his owner. The two had been separated from one another for six years, and Karen stepped up to provide the first leg of transport to bring owner and pet together again. (See photo of Karen beginning Luther’s return home to TX.)

Being an active participant in so many happy animal rescue stories is what drives volunteers like Karen to keep doing what they do.

By volunteering, you yourself can help make a difference for the animals. Without volunteers the HS/SPCA cannot function. Volunteers are the backbone of any and every rescue! The more volunteers the more successful they become.” 

So, this month, we tip our hat in appreciation to Karen- our Volunteer of the Month with the heart of gold!