It’s no wonder that a girl who shared a home with a police dog named Elvis has an affinity for animals of all kinds. 

Originally from Fruitland Park, Florida, Hanna, our July Volunteer of the Month, grew up with all kinds of animals in her company. Her father was a canine officer with the City of Leesburg, and along with his hard-working German Shepard, there were two other dogs living with the family, named cutely enough, Romeo and Juliet.

“My big brother Justin raised pigs and steers,” Hanna says. “My sister Haylee and I had bunny rabbits.” And now the family enjoys the company of cats they adopted from our Humane Society/SPCA. “My cat is grey, his name is Leo and he is two years old. I adopted him in July of 2015.”

In addition to being able to provide a loving fur-ever home to her own felines, what Hanna loves most about volunteering is she “likes to help the people who need help with the dogs and cats.”

After all, there is so much to know about animal welfare; and the more people who are trained to spread the word and take action when and where action is needed, the better for the animals. Hanna’s advice to people who haven’t yet become part of the HS/SPCA volunteer team? “I think people would feel better if they volunteer to help the dogs and cats and meet the nice people at the Humane Society.” Well, we couldn’t agree more! And the bigger our animal-loving family gets, the more love there is to go around to all our rescues.

Although Hanna can undoubtedly rattle off a variety of special moments and fond memories, it is those experiences she’s had “working with Miss Patti and Miss Dawn in the kennels” that have proven a highlight for her thus far. “My Gramma works here too,” Hanna explains. “So I get to volunteer whenever she is working and while school is out for the summer and on holidays.”

How truly thankful we here at the HS/SPCA are for the hard work and youthful exuberance Hanna shares with our animals! Here’s to a terrific summer for our pups and kitties in the loving hands of this outstanding young volunteer!