Clearly, Ron and Charlene have the magic touch. HSSPCA-Ron-Charlene-Carpenter-VOM-March-2016

Originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, these pet lovers had a Black Lab for 17 years and a cat that lived to see 19!  They must have been doing things right!

Nowadays, the couple gets their regular dose of animal companionship by doing frequent dog-walking and dog-sitting for friends, and, of course, volunteering their time at our shelter.  “

We love to see how excited the dogs are to see us when we come to walk them,” Ron and Charlene explain.  “It gives us a really good feeling to see how the dogs react.  And we get to know them.”  But getting to know the dogs personally is only part of the reward.  “We feel something special when we learn the dogs we have gotten to know and love go to their forever homes.”

A particular event favorite of this volunteering duo is participating at our monthly adoption days at The Villages Recreation Centers. Its a welcome opportunity for the HS/SPCA staff and volunteers to meet with the public and introduce fellow animal lovers to our pets in need.  Ron and Charlene are always thrilled to see how many people turnout for these adoption “meet & greets” and more importantly, how many fill out applications to bring home one of our dogs or come to the shelter to meet our lovely cats.

Well, we couldn’t do it without all the enthusiastic help we get from our volunteers.  So, thank you to Ron and Charlene this month for helping us make a difference year-round!