Here at the Humane Society/SPCA, many of our volunteers don’t have pets of their own. It’s part of the reason they come to the shelter: to share in the care of our furry lot and fill a personal void at the same time.december

But Christine, a transplant from New York and this month’s featured volunteer, not only offers her assistance at the shelter regularly, but adopted from us as well. “I started volunteering at the Society because, as much as I love my kitty, Kismet, and I know she loves me, she is not the friendliest, most warm and fuzzy cat.” About six years ago, Christine rescued a female tiger/tabby named Kismet, who is almost nine years old now. “She came to me somewhat abused and in great need of a home.”

So, Christine did what many people just aren’t able to summon up the courage to do: she opened her heart and home to Kismet. Perhaps it was just in her nature? (After all, she’d always had a pet growing up-usually a dog- and in her adult life, both dogs and cats.) Or maybe, meeting Kismet was…well, kismet! Because, in a roundabout way, Kismet’s entry into Christine’s life eventually led Christine to us. “My desire to work at the Humane Society/SPCA was somewhat selfish,” Christine admits, “as I wanted the love and affection I could not get from Kismet at home. It was a perfect arrangement, although I never expected to adopt another cat. I always knew Kismet preferred being a solo cat, but when I met Delia, I just knew she was meant to be with me.” Christine met Delia (aka Miley) while volunteering at our shelter about a month ago. And now Delia has a new, loving fur-ever home with Christine and Kismet. As for how Kismet is dealing with having a new sibling around? “Kismet has still not adjusted, but it took her 3 months to get used to me, so I have faith.”

Christine hopes Kismet and Delia will eventually learn to love each other. Or, at the very least, do as human family members so often have to do – just tolerate one another’s company. And in the meantime, she will continue helping our Humane Society/SPCA fulfill its pledge by providing her two rescues with endless amounts of love and support, and bringing that same love and support to the cats and dogs at our shelter. With any luck that same kismet that brought Christine, Kismet and Delia together will eventually unite each and every one of our cats and dogs with loving new families. “You have to love animals, first and foremost,” Christine says about volunteering. “Wanting to help poor innocents, who can’t help themselves.” Besides, she adds, “I like to keep busy. So what better way than to surround myself with something I love?”

Well, we couldn’t agree more! And we hope Christine’s inspiring story will encourage more people to not only get involved at the shelter, but bring one of our adorable dogs or cats home for the holidays. Tis the season for giving, folks. Giving a furry friend a fur-ever home and you will receive the best gift of all, unconditional love!