People do all sorts of things with their free time. They read books. Explore previously unexplored skills. Take up new hobbies. Catch up on television shows. Hang out with friends. Reconnect with family. Travel.

But here at the Humane Society/SPCA, we are the lucky beneficiaries of an extraordinarily generous choice some people make with their free time. No matter what they may have going on in their lives otherwise, volunteers are dedicated to doing whatever they can to meet the needs of our shelter.   image001

This month, we highlight the kindly work of Dennis, a volunteer born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but raised in nearby St. Pete, Florida. Although he currently has no pets of his own, Dennis did have a Chihuahua when he was younger. And clearly, his love for animals is far-reaching to this day.

A retiree with plans to travel extensively, Dennis takes time out of his schedule to put his love for animals to good use at our shelter. Whether he is giving our pups exercise, or playing with our kitties, or helping out the staff and other volunteers with cleaning and maintenance duties on the property, Dennis’ regular visits mean our dogs and cats in need can count on some loving human company every week.

I enjoy being here at the HS/SPCA,” Dennis explains. “I love working with the volunteers and staff. If you have the time to volunteer, just come out and spend time with the animals.

So, this month we salute our Volunteer of the Month, Dennis! The choice he makes to spend his free time with our animals is what helps the HS/SPCA fulfill its Mission. Thank you, Dennis.